Nourhan is an Egyptian architect. She received her BSc. from Cairo University in 2008 and her MSc. in Environmental studies in 2012. After her graduation, she worked as a teaching assistant at the Department of Architecture at Cairo University and a research assistant at the British University In Egypt. She is passionate about the developing world urbanism and how cities evolve and function from one place to the other. Aside from her academic work, Nourhan co-founded her own practice (Plus Architecture Cairo in 2010 and Riyadh in 2014), where she worked as a licensed architect on several projects within the Gulf area and Egypt.



Nourhan is interested in Urban Ecology and Material Flow Analysis as tools to envision cities’ metabolic profile. Her aim with this is to understand how city resource flows can become congenial with equitable resource distribution among the inhabitants, to attain social cohesion. She is focused on exploring the physical requirements of cities to tackle challenges posed by the intricate urban processes, especially in the context of developing countries and how different urban technologies could assist in closing the urban cycles for different resources.